Tuesday, January 1, 2013

~~Someone I Used to Hurt: For Adam~~

Somehow it seems like the longing
To feel your arms around me
Never is going to fade
Your name, your voice--the wind is singing

Whispering to me to go back
Erase time and plead with you
I wonder if you'd let me return?
Let my body make up for what I lack?

I know it's not worth it though
That my days should slip away from you
You dweller of the night
Should I not have let you go?

I guess I did run at last
Pick up my bags, leave behind only dust
And a thousand shattered shards of trust
Leaving behind everything that had passed

You, who had fought so hard to keep me
Would have done anything to make me smile
You turned on the light when I would hide
And made me forget my agony

And even though you never could hold me
You never could touch me
And you never kissed me
Why is it that I still feel you with me?

I'm looking at you through glass
Wondering where you're headed
I hope you're finding your light
Maybe someone with a better ass

It seems so silly to pray for you
An angel, praying for her demon
That had caused her so much heartbreak
When instead she should hate you

And I guess I really can't hate anyone
Not any of those who have hurt me
If I hurt, and was hurt, by anyone else
It was never by someone

Someone I didn't trust
I give my trust so thoughtlessly
Offer affection in hope for comfort
In this dark world with so many unjust

You're someone I used to hurt
And someone I know I've driven mad
You fed my ego, never knowing it was fake
And now I wonder if anyone can really hurt

Me, this tiny Canadian girl
Aspirations of a book store dancing in her mind
And a pointy hood atop her head
Man, how many thoughts whirl

Through my mind?
I wish I could calm down
Because every time I think
You come back to mind

I'm not saying sorry this time
Just saying hello, and asking if you can smile
And wondering if you can hold me for a while
Before I finish this rhyme....

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