Monday, January 14, 2013

~~Better Off Than Before: Life Post~~

I'm healing, sweethearts. This broken angel is truly regaining her wings....

So many things I wish I could say, but honestly I can't even say it. So much I must keep hidden....So much I'll get hurt for if I post publicly about it. Suffice to say that there's so much I can't tell you, my dearest followers, but don't worry too much. I won't go yet, and I'm well defended. I'm not without allies in this.

But....I'm calling all Figmented. If you have imaginary friends of any form, ones that truly seem real and have their own personalities and interact with each other and/or are visible, PLEASE CONTACT ME. You're not insane by my standards, because I've got them to. Hell, I'm the one who started all this! If you have them PLEASE EMAIL ME at I will answer within a day or two at the most. I'll answer all questions and you can meet them all if you'd like. And, if you're lucky, I'll even go over everything I hinted at--with permission from those involved of course.

*Raphael walks into the room, seeing me typing out this blog post. He steals the laptop.*

Raphael here, obviously. I would like to inform you of the impeding romantic trauma my little one is about to endure.

You see, this weekend Alexandra almost broke up with Ted. You see, the pair of them are a very good couple but my little one isn't close to being able to do this. They were born out of her desperation to not be alone again and to have something real, but the differences in between them are far too much right now....He is enough for her and he does make her happy, but compared to how good some others are at making her calm down he isn't enough. Some others, such as Ian and Robert--okay, mainly those two amazing(ly messed up) men--are near gods at how good they are with her. They're both very good at psychology--even though Robert's the only one who's actually gotten the training--and therefore they can help her a lot more. Why, Robert's even going to be her therapist! She's too scared to go to anyone else...Even though she should. She does need help. She does need more than she's willing to admit.

I'm worried about her honestly...Because of new relationships, she's been up very late. And no they aren't even HER relationships! no longer with Raven. She's with Alex's friend Robert.


Yep that is happening.

It's a discouraged thing you know. Cross-Household relationships. Why? Because the Hosts..tend to have their emotions be influenced by their Figments. Which means it's REALLY good that Robert and Alex are good friends to begin with. So, they'll be able to just ignore that facet of their relationship and keep being good friends.

I like Robert. He's got a lot of secrets--and a lot of things we can't talk about--but I trust him. I'm a very, very good judge of character and as long as he treats that lil runt of a blond bombshell well--and does NOT get her pregnant for a while yet--I don't mind too much.

You know. I probably should interfere more in the business of my family. But lately, with all the company wandering in and out and all the preparations going on, I haven't had time! I'm cooking semi-continually, so this is the first time I've been free in around six hours. And I'm only able to post because I've gotten the kitchen staff to NOT blow stuff up anymore....I wish cooking was a genetic skill. Jace is useless. He should just stick to making swords.

Now, I find very little to say right now except that...Good luck. All of you. For your safety--especially next year--invest in sage, sea salt, and crystals. Believe in God. Believe in something.

And don't listen to the whispers.

//Mansion transmission

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