Wednesday, April 3, 2013

~~No One Wants to Hurt Me~~

Tell me no more stories
I'm tired of being lied to
I'm tired of being used
If I'm an equal, then treat me
Then treat me well
I know you want what's best
But please don't hurt me
Don't do what I want you to
Don't lie to me, just say the truth
I don't want false hope
I don't want to put my faith
In you right now
Not unless I know
Every word you speak is true
I look into your eyes
Wondering, "Can I trust you?"
A weird exhilaration
Pounds through my veins
"I can trust you?"
"I can let you in?"
Everyone I've ever let close
Has hurt me
Without meaning to
They have hurt me
I have hurt them too
And I will make up for it
But scars never fade
You...You I can trust
You....You I will let in
Ian...Ian I'll let you in.

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