Wednesday, April 17, 2013

~~Strangely Weak Today--Life Post~~

For some reason, I keep almost collapsing today. I do have my period, and I didn't have anything for breakfast but coffee because I got up late, but....Ugh, it's annoying me. I don't like feeling this way. I'd rather just go home.

I feel exhausted....

But it's alright, I can pull through. I won't collapse just yet.

We're working on a Pandora's Box assignment in English class. One hope, six evils.

My hope is creation, represented by a notebook.

An evil is advancements in technology, represented by a pebble.

Another is discrimination, represented by a white thread tied into a noose.

Another is national pride, represented by the song Borders Are by Serj Tankian.

Another is depression, represented by an empty pill bottle filled with salt and sugar.

Another is homophobia, represented by a picture of Collins and Angel kissing.

My final evil is death, represented by dead grass.

Pretty deep, hm?

Hehe, I like how my mind works. Deep, strange....And, well, me.

I got something to eat, drank some, and now I have gum. I'm feeling out of it still, but I'm okay.

I love you guys.


  1. Something interesting for you, Hope is sometimes debated as a possible evil that didn't escape. Maybe you can guess why?

  2. Hope can be a possible evil, yes. Sometimes, hope is such a killer thing to have. It hurts. It really does hurt when it's not right. When it's broken and betrayed. But....I like hope in the world. Because it never escaped, it can't torment us and drive us mad, but yet it's still here.


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