Monday, April 8, 2013

~~Camp NaNoWriMo~~

The snow has gone at last

It's getting warmer, the sun is out

Clouds drift through the sky

But I don't know what it looks like


Here I am, at my keyboard

Hunched over my desk

A cold coffee right beside me

That had been steaming hot


Here I am, at my laptop

Typing madly, during class

The teacher glares, but I don't care

I gotta chase that word count down


Here I am, it's four am

I'm just collapsing into bed

Here I am, it's eight am

And back to the grind I go


Just chase that word count

Who needs sleep? I have coffee beans

Just chase that word count down

Nothing else matters; not this month


At the end of the month, I'll apologize

To the people I blow off, but they understand

I gotta chase that wordcount down

I gotta chase that fifty thousand down


The words have got me enchanted

Plot points and bunnies dance behind my eyes

They beg me, they chase me, and away

I run, down the rabbit hole again


It's April again, and then it will be May

I'll make it there, and then I'll sleep

I'll make it there, victory in hand

And then I'll burn the manuscript


It's Camp NaNoWriMo, a month

Of writing like mad

Part hell, part block party

Just write on, until the end


I gotta chase this word count down

I have to reach my goal

Every thought and every feeling

I have to chase that word count down....

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