Monday, April 22, 2013

~~No More Sun Chips: Life Post~~

Words cannot explain my sorrow on my lack of Sun Chips. None can get rid of the hunger I feel for my delectable Sun Chips. I cannot explain how much anger I feel at the realization that my school replaced the Sun Chips in the vending machines with Almond Mini Crunch things. Sun Chips are large and delicious. This SMALL idiotic package is stupid and painful and it tastes horrific. It also, amusingly, has more percentage of your daily fat than these:

That is what they replaced. GARDEN SALSA! I LOVE garden salsa! It is so delicious and it was so cheap! YOU, SCHOOL! You fill the vending machine with CUPCAKES, COOKIES, AND HUGE FUDGE-COATED BROWNIES! WHY did you replace the HEALTHIEST KIND OF CHIP THAT TASTES GOOD with CRAP!?


Okay, Imma calm down now.

I should probably change topic from Sun Chips and my sorrowful anger to, let's say, my weekend.

Saturday was....Saturday. Not too much happened, despite it being 4/20. Well, one thing DID happen! Ian and I got overly romantically adorable. Gueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess what! We're going to be writing daily to each other, and when we meet....We're going to hand each other all of those letters and messages. This is going to be amazing.

He is so adorable! It drives me insane though...I really hope he'll be able to read my handwriting. And I really hope I'll be able to read his.

Oh god, next year is going to be so amazing!!!!!!!!!


Okay, well yesterday was pretty cool. I went to Sun-Jung's orchestra performance, and she is really good. She bugged me because she thought I had fallen asleep, when in actuality I was just doodling a tree in my notebook. Besides, an orchestra is not that fun to watch. And then, I proved my friendship.

She had twisted her ankle really bad on Saturday ((jumped and landed on her foot wrong)) so after her performance we went off to the clinic. For two hours, we were at the clinic. I hate walkin clinics, but her pain was only half of what I went through last year with my rash. But good news: Her ankle isn't broken or torn. Bad/good news: Won't be in school for the next week.

Yeah, Imma be lonely for the next week. I'll collect all of her work and give it to her.

But that's alright--I will see her again.

Uh, I gotta end this here.

Love you all!

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