Tuesday, April 16, 2013

~~Life and Light~~

Summer days, long ago nights
Memories pass through
Happiness inside of me
I guess this is alright

Memories that I once had
Things I used to know
I let them slip away
And blindly I am glad

Life without you is so deep and cold
I desire to see you
Joy with you and everything is good
To you I can sweetly hold

So many days I used to live
Laugh, and weep inside
So many things I abandoned
So much I tried to give

I need you right here with me
That's the one thing I know
Life in you and joy inside
I will give you everything gladly

Understand I am scared
All of this is new
Being equal is something new
I never thought I could dare

To stand by your side
Accept that this is true
It's distant, like a dream
But I don't want it to hide

I want the proof of me and you
To have us both together
I want to know we made it through
All the hell, forever staying true....

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