Tuesday, April 16, 2013

~~I Do Not Understand Suicidal People Any More....: Life Post~~

As you can see, I am having my own inner discussion on the subject of the most delightful of people I tend to run into: The suicidal people. I'm not entirely sure how openly I should be discussing this subject, especially considering I had my own amusing run-ins with this particular kind of insanity on my worst days.

However, I'm no longer suicidal. In fact, I am now incredibly happy, delighted by the world, and I am doing well. I have my Ian, who I have--by the way--known for around a year and five months. We started flirting about two months into us knowing each other. We got serious about us in December, so we really haven't been together that long....By the gods, we've gotten far in such a short time!

I love him so much...

Perhaps that's why I no longer understand suicidal people?

I'm truly quite happy with him. I no longer have drama in my life, I no longer have to deal with it....I am alright. I am HAPPY with him.

Life is good.

Next year, Ian and I will be together.

Next year, we will prove we have what it takes.

Next year, I can kiss him.

We can be okay.

So, until then, I don't get suicidal people. I'm quite happy with him, and that's what matters.

I adore you, dearest readers.

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