Tuesday, April 9, 2013

~~Our Life~~

I try to think about the possibility
Of the world ending
But it's hard to force those thoughts

I try to form an opinion
On nuclear war fare
But I can't seem to bear it

I don't want to see this world burn
I enjoy it just how it is
I don't want it to end

I don't want to see this world die
There's so much left to live for
Even though we need a restart

I don't want mankind to end
Not in my life time
I want to see Ian first

I don't want mankind to suicide
Not when I have to die as well
I like living more than I'll admit

I don't want this to occur
Can't someone stop it?
Nuke North Korea if you must

I don't want to deal with this
With the chance of my blessed love
Perishing because of his country's war

I don't want this to happen
Can't anyone make it end?
Listen to me, won't you stop it?

Change the way the fates are
Make my worries disappear
Make the world safe again

Change the way mankind operates
The ways our hearts flood with emotion
An emotional state of anger and hate

Won't you make it stop?
Please, don't let this happen
In my life time.....

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