Tuesday, April 9, 2013

~~No More Pain....: Life Post~~

Uh, hello my beloved blog readers! As you folks may have noticed, I'm in a kind of odd situation. My blogs, from the very start, have been meant as lifelines for me in my worst moments. They held the truth that I couldn't speak myself, not to anyone. They kept me going, kept me kicking, and because of them I'm here right now.

I'm here right now because I had the strength to tell my story.

Unfortunately, I've found myself in a mildly amusing place....

There is actually no more pain in my life.

Therefore, I am left seriously wondering what I write about. Do I go on for thousands of words about my NaNoWriMo novel? Do I ramble about how happy I am with Ian? Truly, the question of what to do about Ted is the only one haunting me. Do I talk to him, yay or nay? Do I talk to him, yes or no?

The man I loved once....

The man I let go because of what was best for me.

Was it best for me?

Yes, yes it was. No doubt exists in my mind about that fact. With my relationship with Ian now edging into places I never thought possible--namely the coming prospect of us meeting--I'm pleased to say I'm doing incredibly well.


He makes me cry from happiness. No one has ever done that. I love him so very much....

Ian.....I love you.

No more pain to speak about, so what do I say? Do I began remarking on the lazy bits of news? What do I say to you?

Oh! Speaking of lazy bits of news, let me begin by listing off some things I may or may not have mentioned that have occurred!

  1. I am going by Ian's last name on Skype
  2. I am wearing the most beautiful black and purple shiny ring every day on my ring finger ((wedding ring, much?))
  3. We're getting a speaker tomorrow in the GSA
  4. We're hosting the Dare to Stand Out Conference next year--YES!
  5. I'm currently at page 93 in my NaNoWriMo Novel, and I'm at 22,003 words. Yay for me! Dear god I'm tired....

All in all, I am very very happy with my life. I love Ian a lot, and everything is going quite well....

I'm gonna end this post here, darlings.

Au revior~

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