Wednesday, April 24, 2013

~~My Darling~~

Ich liebe dich, mein Schatz
I love you, my Treasure
So many different ways
To express a sentiment

Propose to me in Klingon
Whisper to me in metaphor
Speak to me through fingers
Tend to me with a kiss

Let me tell you how I feel
Let me whisper to you my cries
Let me say how much you mean
Let me show you how I feel

Time slips on and time slips by
Joys defend, and I cannot lie
I love you so, that much is true
I would have died if not for you

No matter how much hope I had
I would have faded away
No matter how strong I was
I would have given up one day

Let me tell you how grateful I am
For you to be proud of me
To tell me how amazing I am
I love you for it, you know

Ian, I believe in us
I believe we can make it
533 miles is quite far
But I will walk to you

You are my darling, my dearheat
Lover mine, my other half
You're the one I've chosen
No matter who you become

You've changed since we began
And I have as well
We've grown less numb, more alive
All because of this love we have

I think we deserve it
After all this suffering
We have earned it
This joy, this light--my darling.

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