Friday, April 5, 2013

~~Regaining Wings: Life and Thoughts Post~~

Why is it that this lovely little corner of the web is named thus? At least, the URL is named thus.... The title of the blog itself comes from one of my poems at least a year previous.

So, tell me: Why is it known as "Regaining Wings"?

Is it because I feel like I'm....Fighting to heal? Is that why it is known this? Is it because I feel like I have lost my wings?


That is exactly why.

This is my story. This is my story, slowly healing and slowly becoming better. I think....I think I am getting my wings back.

I really think I am.

All I need to do to feel better is whisper Ian's full name. All I need to do to smile like an idiot is think about him and what will happen next year.

And what's that, you ask?

Why, meeting him of course! He's coming up here next year by Greyhound. He'll get a summer job this summer, and come up in the summer of 2014 for a month or so. By the gods....I will get to see him!

I will finally get to see him....

I'm not numb any more. I think I'm feeling.

I think I'm okay. :')

I love you all for listening...

Until later,


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