Monday, April 8, 2013

~~It Happens~~

Obstacles in your way
Taunting voices from the sidelines
The tears of those that fall
It happens

Darkness winning the day
Skinned knees and broken hearts
Memories haunting you
It happens

Life overtaking you
Moments inside that break
Hell within, but get through it
It happens

Everything is going wrong for you
No one seems to be there
But just don't forget
It happens

As long as you learn
As long as you grow
Get through what hurts you
It happens

Smile, and don't be hurt when they spurn
You and turn away
You don't need them
It happens

Remember to love you
Remember to smile
Remember that life goes on
It happens

What matters is if you stay true
If you let it break you, or not
If you move on, or not. Just remember
It happens....

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