Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~~To an Innocent Girl~~

Hey there, pretty one, listen to me
Listen to me, there's so much I need to say
There's going to be agony
And they'll break your heart one day

Girls like me, and you
End up getting hurt a lot
I know you'll hate them for it through and through
But, trust me, that's not worth a lot

Hatred means nothing
When choices are being made
You make a choice for the good of recovering
From the knowledge you were played

I know it's going to hurt
I'd have to lie if I said it was alright
They're going to rip off your shirt
And take you on a ride for a night

And I can't say all men will be there in the morning
I can't say all men are good
I can't say that they'll care when you're crying
But I can say that some will love more than others ever could

Have faith in love; please, cling to it
The second you lose faith, it will go
And I know better than most how hard it is to reclaim it
Love is the best and worst thing you'll ever know

The scars you'll bear
Will go on with you for life
They'll be like the clothes you wear
But they're harder to ruin with a knife

A scar can be good
If you let it be a lesson to you
Learn from it, it'll teach more than a book could
But just remember some are true

Some people say what they mean
And mean what they say
Some people's eyes glint with an evil gleam
While others will love you forever and a day

I can't say your road will be easy
But I can say it will be worth it
Your life will get better, just listen to me
You'll recover from all of it.

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