Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~~I Just Know I Will~~

Please understand the words I speak
When I am crying out in shame
Please understand I don't mean for you to hear
I just need to know I'm speaking them for once
Please believe me when I say
I wish I could overcome the things
That haunt me to this day
I wish I could believe
That this would be over soon
And it is just a phase
But the actions I make
Have reactions later on
And they will change the way I live
I wonder if I can escape
From the memories I used to have
And from the people I used to know
I wish I could know
How long it will take
For me to move on
And live my life
I wish I could know
I wish I could tell you
But it's a mystery to me
And it's a mystery to you
So let's just have hope
That I will heal
That I will grow
And that I will overcome
All the hell I live
All the love I fake
All the things that hurt me still
I'll get over it one day though....
I just know I will~

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