Sunday, February 24, 2013

~~Do You Know~~

Do you know how much
You're on my mind
When you are far away?

Do you know how much
I dream of you
When the night comes soaring in?

Do you know how much
I love you
When I feel so alone?

Do you know how much
It's annoying to write
When it's in this style?

Okay, I'm changing ideas
Midway through the poem
I'll pay for this later

Ian, I write this to you
Knowing you'll see it
And I hope you'll read it and smile

Because I love you
You jerk, damnable, loveable jerk
Every piece of you

I love you and I hope you know
How often I feel you here
Just out of my sight

You're the reason I can smile
When everything is wrong
I need you to know...

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