Tuesday, February 5, 2013

~~Let Me Show You~~

Let me show you the world we live in
It's beautiful and it's hard but it's real
And god it's oh so right
And hell it's oh so wrong
I never make claims to it being good
I just make claim to it being home
We belong here, all of us, for a reason
There is forever a cause
Forever a reason
And we're meant to be here. I swear this
I swear we're real
I need it, I love it, I desire it
You are my love, you are mine
I swear this world we embrace
Will be entirely kind to us
Even if it hurts us
This life will forever be ours
This life will forever be ours
Don't ever think it different
I will show you this
I will take your hand
I may be blind, but you
You make me able to see
I feel your hand in mine, and how
How it makes my heart race...
How it makes my heart race

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