Monday, February 4, 2013

~~Was it the Labyrinth, or Was It Me?--Thoughts Post~~

Note: Before you read this post, make sure you've read it's predecessor. Not the Stone Gate chapters, but the other post on the labyrinth found further down.

Yes, yes I did just post a few minutes ago.

Yes I did just say I was done and making coffee.

I didn't, and instead I stayed. I spoke with Dylan, who swears he loves me still, despite it being years since we dated. He swears he loves me, despite the scars he made me bear. Despite the wounds he forced into me. He says he's always there for support, and he might be, but...Why can I not feel it? Is it what he did to me, or how he clings to me?


I moved on.

I moved on through all my broken hearts.

You're scarred worse than I, yet a lot less than others, and the trouble you cause is not worth it.

You are a friend until the end, but...No.

Please no more.


You've dragged me through turn after turn.

I can't make another move.

Not in your labyrinth.


After pizza....I'm still thinking.

I'm still thinking about a lot.

This is the soundtrack for this post, while this is the soundtrack for the post I posted earlier on the labyrinth. I know, it's quite the change. It's not going to be happy loves, but what can you expect?

Ian raised some interesting points earlier. About how the labyrinth has no will of its own, but we do. We did everything to ourselves. Every part of us. Every part of this hell we survive was done through our own choices. We make the same turns in the labyrinth not because it's what was going to happen anyways, but because we choose to.

Do any of us learn? I went time and time again, through and through, with Adam. Repetition and continued company, instead of instilling love, only cause boredom. I didn't learn he wasn't worth it until I forced myself to.

We need to learn to stop repeating our mistakes....Because otherwise we'll never find our way into a new labyrinth. We'll keep wandering the same one. I beg of you all, be aware of the choices you make. Because we're gonna die, we're all gonna die...Could be twenty years, could be tonight....

Accept that and let the shadows embrace you. Accept it and live, not because you only live once, but because life......Life is to be treasured. Abandon the ones who aren't good enough. Move on. Please, move on.

Don't waste your life on someone who isn't worth it.

Life always has a time limit...

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