Monday, February 4, 2013

~~Defiant Lover~~

I choose to live, I choose to laugh
I choose to dance, in defiance
I know the going's tough
I'll stand tall, in my self-reliance

I need no more than me
But I will cling to you
You keep away my agony
And you've been here through and through

My beloved, do you know?
How strongly I feel inside
Whenever you say you must go
And I know I'll need to hide..

Hide how much the loneliness hurts
When you're so far but so close
The tears always fall, like raindrops in spurts
Between the lightning that shows

The truth of it all, the natural wild light
Revealing the broken grin
And the eternal shame, clutched close at night
The knowledge of one being damned because of sin

And damned I am, and damned I'll ever be
Through what I let you do
Do to me
I promised you me, and I'll follow through

I'll give you my anger, and my love
I'll keep you safe, forever until the end
I'll watch over from above
Keep you close, my broken friend

You are the one I choose
You are the one I'll keep by my side
I'll never let go, never lose
The one who never makes me hide....

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