Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Music--down or up?
Friends--down or up?
Love--down or up?
Up, up, up--
Caffeine intake!
Up, up, up--
Down, down down again....
Stress, school....
Jump off the swing,
Throw yourself
To the wind.
Let it carry you....
Let it bring you up....
Only to drop you down again.
Shriek, scream....
Don't let yourself fall
Down, down, down....
Swinging down, down, down....
No, no--clutch at the cliff.
Scrabble for a hold.
Any hold will do.
Just don't give up....
Bright shots of joy--
Live for them.
Gentle smiles--die for them.
Those little bright spots...
Little moments, free from stress....
Bits and pieces of pride....
That is how it needs to be.
That is how you will survive.
Survive the swing, hold on tight....
Watch normal pass you by.
Watch daylight pass you by.
Watch night pass you by.
Deal with hope.
Accept defeat.
Fight for what you believe.
Weep when you fail.
Weep when you win.
Clamber up the swing....
Reach the top....
And scream.

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