Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~~Abandon Me Not~~

Abandon me not, oh bitter-tasting poison.
Abandon me not to love.
Abandon me not to the sunshine
You seek to keep me from.

Abandon me not to the love
You insist is right there
Abandon me not to the lies
You whisper in my ear

Beauty, forgiveness--ah life!
Such a simple thing. I can't believe
I once desired to escape it.
I can't believe I once hated it.

Life is better now
Than life has ever been.
Things are not easy,
But things are not then.

Eerily calm, eerily distant
Do you know you lie?
Do you know you stay closed off?
Do you know you've said goodbye?

Bitter-tasting poison
Abandon me to love
Bitter tasting poison
Give me freedom.

I need not be bitter
I need not be fierce
I need not defend
So remove those walls from me

You still hide, as you
Have always hid.
Does he see it?
Of course he does.

He knows I'm learning
He knows I'm trying
He knows I'm young
He knows I'm worth it

How does he know
What you do not?
Give in to the poison
Let me drink your blood...

No one need know but he
I know he knows, for that's who he is
He knows I'm trying
He knows....

Be silent now, little wonder
Let me take you in
Let the shadow feed on you
And give you peace again.....

Who the hell do you think you are?
Butting in where you don't belong.
Madness, Madness, laughing wild--
Darkness, darkness, go home!

You have no home here.
No soul, tainted in depression
To claim
All I am is happy, and at his side

I have peace again.
I have no need for you, not any more
I can stand on my own.
Abandon me to love.

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