Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~~One Hundred Eighty Six Days~~

One hundred reasons to grow
One hundred reasons to love
One hundred moments to share
One hundred moments to treasure

Eighty six seconds of darkness
Eighty six hours of light

Eighty six heartbeats of pleasure
Eighty six sounds of joy

Days of darkness, days of light
Days where I've stumbled
But you've held me upright
Days where you've fallen
Days where we've wept
But always days we can't forget

I don't care how bad things get
I don't care where the road may lead
It will lead me to you
That much is true
And that is all I need it to do.....

You're the one I love
You're the one I need

I might talk with others, but you
You make my heart race.

You make my heart race...

I know that there's moments
Where I am alone.
I know that there's moments
When I lash out
I know that there's moments
When I act without thinking
But there's always moments
Of you loving me

That's all I need to know....
All I need to know.....
I don't care where we go--
Just be with me.

I believe that you, you and me, you and me
We've achieved a love that we, we can see....

So go find your path, take me with you
I will make sure no one hurts you
I need your ways, we deserve it
We'll depend on our love, here we go.....

I think you're worth staying for
I think you're worth living for
I think you're worth moving countries for
I think you're worth dying for
I think you're worth my lifetime
I think you're worth my dreams
I think you're worth my nightmares
I think you're worth my hope
I think you're worth my fear
I....I know you're worth me.

One hundred eighty six days....
One hundred eighty six moments
Of love.....

Six months to treasure
Six months to love
Six months to grow
And six months to fight.
I will find you....
Waiting for me
On the shore.
You're worth swimming for.....

I won't trade the world for anyone
But you.
I don't need the world.....
I don't need a thing
I just need you....
I submit to you.
Every piece of me.
I am yours.....
Until the very end of time.

~~Happy six months, my most amazing man.....

I love you endlessly.

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