Wednesday, June 12, 2013

~~Broken Doll~~

I be not yours, beg not
For my hand, for my eyes.
I care not for you--do you not
See the things I show?
Do you not see
The agony I have entrusted
To your not-so-tender care?
I love not you; I belong
To another.
I serve not thee.
I serve another, love another--
So please, abandon me to him.
Return me to him.
Sir, Sir....No.
I've refused you enough, must I
Abandon you as well?
I've turned away, left away.
Forgiven you not, so go!
I have said enough reasons, explained
To you why I bow to you not.
Sir, I treat you with the respect
You requested of me--this is all
I can do for you.
Don't love me, don't ask for it.
I don't wish for it, and I never will.
I served once, and it destroyed me--
Must I serve again?
No, no I shall not.
No, no I will not.
Turn from me now, good brave Sir.
Leave me, good brave Sir.
Abandon me, good brave Sir.
Go, else I will have to hate you.
I desire only a friend--must you
Desire me so?
I will leave if I must, you matter not.
My recovery matters more--
I am so very sick
Of being
A broken doll.
Played with too much,
Used too much
Too young.
Far, far too young!
I could get revenge.
I could save another....
At the cost of my pride.
None shall pass behind
The wall I have built
Without an invitation.
Secrets that I scream
Are only revealed
When I am willing.
So turn, turn Sir.
Go, go Sir. I shall
Never serve another.
I love another, and another
Shall be the one to save me.
And he, ah he....
Shall be the one I wed.

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