Friday, June 14, 2013

~~Dancing to the Heartstrings of Apocalypse: Life Post~~

My, oh my, what a time I've had....What a place, what a life! Many people I have spoken to, many places I have gone....And all only through casual, restful conversation.

Casual? No, more....Formal. I've been speaking much with those who require my respect.

Namely, a Dominant. I'm fascinated, so very fascinated....


My choice was made long ago.

If I experience D/s, I experience it with Ian--the most amazing man I never saw coming.


That doesn't mean I can't keep talking to Sir Elim.

I'm...interested. Ugh, woof!

He's just refined. He's just...more than anyone else I've dealt with.

So far, he...terrifies me.

I can feel his strength of character all the way from here, and he's incredibly far away....

I have no willpower compared to him. I've got my protests and my shrieks, but if he ever ordered me to do anything, only physically blocking him would stop me from following his order.

He frightens me.

Other than that, I'm...tired.

I'm not sure how this will work, but there is a picture of my gargoyle Stephano.

Isn't he just ADORABLE? :D

He's about the size of a human child, and he's the height of my torso. His tail is not far off half a meter in length, I think....

So, basically he's big.

I don't know what to do with him when I take him home....

He's not painted yet, obviously.

I'll need to paint him on Monday, and then he oughta be done then...

Ah, exams are soon.

Travelling is soon.

Everything is soon.......

Crud. I'm not ready!

But I have to be.

It's end game.

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