Tuesday, June 18, 2013

~~I Guess It's Real~~

At every backlash, loss of dignity.
At every burn,
At every scar.
At every wound, every cut
Torn and torn and torn.
Every bit of me bared
To your gaze
Just so I can scream:
"Let me suffer you!
"Let me break myself....
"Let me please you....
"I beg you, please!
"Tear me with your love!
"Tear me in two!"
I scream and shriek.
Remake, remake, remake....
No, no I won't do this....
Do you want it?
I....I will.
No, no it's okay--
I don't need rest.
No, no it's okay--I don't care
If I'm dead inside.
Isn't that the very definition
Of dead inside?
No, no....
That's not me now.
I don't remake myself.
I don't change.
I don't lose weight.
I don't hate myself.
I don't dress to hide.
I don't look down.
I don't get scared.
I don't worry.
I don't fret.
Someone is always there.
Always there.....
I have him. He's right here
Beside me, until eternity ends.
No worries need cross my mind.
He will care for me.
He will treat me well.
He will do what I need....
He will.
I trust him with my life.
Every bit of wounded me,
I place into his hands.
If I can do this...
Willingly let him into my home...
Willingly hold him....
Willingly show him all I am....
Then, I guess....
I guess it's real.
I guess it's real.

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