Tuesday, November 5, 2013

~~Until Your Heart is Still~~

Turn away from me

Leave me behind

Turn away from my twisted smile

I can never be kind

I loved you once

I'll love you again

I loved you when it was okay

But now I don't know when

It will be okay

I'm fighting to make it so

It will be okay when all of it is over

Peace, I will know

I'm fighting for you

I'm fighting for me

I'm fighting for your loving smile

As I turn your back on me

Let me go, my dearest one

Let me go tonight

Let me go, my true love

This can never be right

Walk away from me

Walk away right now

Walk away from me, and erase all traces

Of the girl you used to know

It's not worth the fight

Not if it's you who's fighting

It's not worth the war you're waging

It's my job to keep you going

I'll stand by your side

If you don't stay with me

I'll stand by your side if you never hide

Your meaningless agony

Hold my hand and tear me in two

Be the one I really need

Hold my hand and hold me tight

I'll be there when you bleed

I'll be the one to make you bleed

So torn up and so unsure

I'll be the one to save your life

My head's spinning in a circle

Love me, oh god, just love me

I can't go on alone

Love me, oh please, forgive me

I can't go on without the only love I've ever known

Keep me safe, I'll keep you hurting

Keep me safe, I'll keep you alive

Keep me safe, I'll keep you with me

Keep me safe, I'll show you how to hide

Torn up and confused

I'll show you what I mean

Torn up and drowning inside

With my tears, I'll wash you clean

I'll undo my every misdeed

I'll wipe my slate clean

I'll undo every mistake I've made

If you will understand what I mean

When I say I love you

And I always will

When I say I love you

And will love you 'til your heart is still.

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