Tuesday, November 19, 2013

~~(No) More: Life Post~~

D'ya wanna know something, my dears? Why, of course you do--elsewise, why would you come here to this little place of knowledge and hidden secrets? Secrets that...truly ought to have been kept, methinks, if a life is to be had. I've said too much. It hurts too much to keep these silly things so very OPEN.

My dears, this blog is once more to be shut down. It is to be made into a wordpress blog (I apologize, Blogger, but you are blocked at school....) and I shall resume my stories there. I will have a handful of posts be sent to the Blogger blog still. There is a chance that this site will remain up, but I have many choices to make.

I have certainly said too much.

I need to make a site not at all associated with me.

My poems will be found there, as will updates from the Mansion.

The new blog will be made available to search engines, and any and all updates found there on my personal life will be done in code. It will no longer have mentions of my past. If it does, it will be vague.

What will be the fate of both Regaining Wings and Normalcy is Relative?

If they are not removed from the interwebs entirely, they will be made unavailable to search engines. The direct links will be the only way to get to these blogs.

Or I could decide I hate Wordpress and try to come up with another idea.

Fare thee well.


  1. I just started following though! Where is your new site?

  2. I'm gonna need to think about what to do. I did start up a wordpress blog, but I won't post the link to it publicly yet. I might keep this blog online and might continue updating it.


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