Tuesday, November 5, 2013

~~This is My Revenge~~

Shut up and learn:
I'm not your quiet girl.
I won't stand for this treatment
That you inflict on me
Day after day.
Shut up and realize that,
Even though I play the victim,
I'll never be your whore.
I'll never bow down to you.
Smile and pretend I love you.
Make sure it's okay.
This is my revenge--
My own sick and twisted game.
Shut up and believe me
When I say
That it is all true.
Let me pretend
It's real.
Let me fool you into
Loving me.
This is my revenge
On the entire fucking world.
Tearing down what others build.
Burning every bridge beneath your feet.
One day I'll be
Ending this war.
One day I'll be
Ending my life.
One day I'll make
My entire fucking world go on
Without me, as if I
Had never been at all!
This is my revenge
Against me.
This is my own revenge.

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