Tuesday, November 5, 2013

~~Not By Choice~~

I'm not in school by choice.
I'm not a submissive by choice.
I'm not this hurt by (conscious) choice.

What have we done
That we've meant to do?
What was our intention?

I didn't mean to be here.
I didn't mean to let you go.
I didn't mean to, but I still did.

The forgotten dreams--
Show me what it means!
Show me you meant to be here.

Prove to me this was your choice.
Prove to me you wanted this.
Prove to me you intended this.

You're not here by choice.
You're just as lost as us.
You're an accidental bit of pain.

Welcome to the game.
Welcome to the problems you created.
Welcome to what you meant to do.


  1. Hey Alexandra! Welcome to the IWSG. Look forward to your first post on December 4.

  2. Insecure Writer's Support Group? Okay, that sounds pretty awesome. I'm in!


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