Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The blog is not deceased.
The blog seems to remain.
Sorrow, sorrow--what
Makes it the same?
Tomorrow, tomorrow--why
Does it still remain?

Will there be more?
Will there be less?
Will the blog go on?
Will it go on past today?
Broken girl and smiling face--
Why do you remain?

I suppose there will be more.
I suppose it will go on.
Why should it leave
When it causes no harm
And hope can now be found?
Hope can now be found....

I'll be fine.
I think I found love.
I think there's hope now,; well
There really always was.
In my darkest times,
Did I ever let go of hope?

I'll stand by you
In my loneliness and goodbyes.
I'll be there for you
In my pains and farewells.
Don't think I will ever go,
As I rely on you.

Lovely readers, thank you kind.
You've eased my troubled mind.
Occasional words and gestures of hope.
Kindness and moving on.
Silent watchers at my melodramatic play,
An audience to applaud my every deed.

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