Friday, November 22, 2013


Perhaps there's a dream
Perhaps there's reality
But I can't tell
Which is which
My mind is slipping
My soul is sliding--
Where will I rest my head
At night?
Perhaps there's a love
Perhaps there's a truth
But I can't tell
What is real
Sliding from me
And sliding from you
Touch me now and be
My beautiful one
I'm losing it all
I'm losing myself
I'm losing my mind, oh my beautiful one
Stay with me, please
Perhaps I can save you
Perhaps I can make it
Your while
Perhaps it is true
And perhaps it is not
But I just know that
There's a chance
Of it being real
Of it being true
I wish I knew myself.....
Perhaps I do
And perhaps I don't....
Perhaps it's a dream
Of loving you.

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