Friday, November 22, 2013


Hold still.
Close your eyes.
Hold still....
Don't turn away.
Don't stay away.
Hold me....
Please, just hold me.
I need you here. I need you.
Broken girl,;
A broken girl.
Dark dyed hair and golden eyes.
Will you smile at me?
Will you make me feel good?
I love you.
I still love you.
In the depths
Of my pain.....
You were the one to pull me out.
You were the one to keep me safe!
You were....
You were the one I loved.
You were the one who saved me.
Hold me close.
Hold me together.
I'm slipping....
I'm slipping away from you.
I'm screaming apologies
But you won't listen.
I'm trying to decide
But you don't care.
I hurt you so.
I know you won't forgive.
I know you won't forgive....
Forgive me.
Please. Hold me and keep me safe.
Hold me and keep me close.
With selfish hands, I'm reaching out
To pull you down
With me.

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