Tuesday, November 26, 2013

~~Long Distance~~

How many times have
I played this game?
How many promises have I made?
How many things
Did I do
That dragged me back here?
A clutching hand.
A broken smile.
Silent bits of hope and pain.
A distant dream,
Drifting down the stream.
Loss and pain--
Pull me back again.
Addicted to the distance.
Drowning in the poetry.
Singing in the rain.
Drown me in you again.
Drenched in your tears,
A sorrowful girl
Dances alone
Beneath the flashing
Colored stars
Upon the hardwood stage.
Stay with me.
What will be done
To you?
What will be done
To me?
Long distance....
Long distance....
Will you always
Keep me close?
One day I'll run to you.
Keeping you at arm's length...
One day....
One day!
Love me

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