Tuesday, November 19, 2013

~~More or Less~~

Slip closer to me.
Slip closed the curtain.
Close your eyes.
I'm more or less fine.

Let's dream away.
All our troubles go away.
Slide from me.
I do not dream, more or less.

Hold me close.
Darling one.
I'll be yours.
You're more or less mine.

Let's stay close.
Let's press close.
Whisper my name.
It's more or less a game.

Stay with me now.
Stay, and be strong.
Beautiful one,
I love you more or less.

I'm not exactly sure.
I'm not exactly real.
We're close enough to happiness.
We're more or less real.

Love me now,
Love me less.
Keep me close, my dearest.
I'll be here forever--more or less.

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