Monday, January 13, 2014

~~Simple Smile, Suited~~

Not enough, more than enough--
Reduce, reuse.
Make do on what you've got--
Forget what you forgot.
Move on, move on:
It's better or worse than you expected.
Meaningless to regret--
Not meaningless to apologize.
Say you're sorry, say you're not, smile and laugh--
Move on, move forward, say it's the end.
Give up and gain the podium.
Surrender and admire the view.
Smell the flowers and the ashes.
It's duality--
Never one thing, always two.
Regret the undone.
Undo the things you did.
Move on and let me go.
The dreamer, the sleeper, the weeper--
Means nothing, means everything.
Simple smile, suited
To the situation:
Nothing true?
Nothing true.
Duality, bitterness.
Angel and love.
Clutch the heart and release the fear.
One thing, two things,
Three things and more.
Throw away the key and open the door.
Window locked, portal opened--
Zap and bam, the day is done.
Night falls, stars fall.
Suns burn and break.
The world is bitter and the world is better.
Simple smile, suited
To the end of days,
And to the beginning.

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