Thursday, January 9, 2014

~~Let's Run Together~~

Falling in love was never my plan--
I never realized you'd be my man.
I made no choice, and took no risk:
Now my reality has started to shift.

I had a chance to run I did not take.
Your need to be saved is one I can't forsake.
Your martyr, your lover--I'll be them both
As long as you keep me close.

I chose you now--I truly did.
Now my feelings can't be hid.
My fear has become meaningless.
I'm happy, and glowing from your kindness.

You think you're dark, but to me
You shine from the depth of your memory.
You whisper my name
And refuse to play this game.

I'll recover from my pain,
If you take me from my shame.
Let's run together, my dear.
I just can't stay here.

Let me love you, and understand
So much of this was not planned.
Just hold me in your arms,
And keep me safe from harm.

I love you, you know.
I'll try my best to show
You the things I see
When I pull you close to me:

A man, holding his son.
A smile upon his face--the battle was won.
Peace achieved. We can find our way now.
We'll move on--no matter how.

I know it hurts--the past always does.
We'll move on, because
This is all we can do.
Let me run away with you.

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