Wednesday, January 15, 2014

~~Protect Us~~

Remember this: We are only free
When we are hidden.
Remember this: We are only free
When we number in the millions.

They can take us away
From our rights to live and love.
They can take us away
From the places we dream of.

We need to keep ourselves safe.
Stand together, against the mighty few.
An army of silence, of keyboard clicks:
Together we can take down the system.

Codes and cracking, tapping and hacking:
The internet is our home.
Free and restrained, a place
Of turmoil and of peace.

Protect us from the things we can't unsee.
Protect us from the knowledge we can't forget.
Protect us from the songs stuck in our minds.
And protect us from having our lives censored.

Keep us safe, and keep us sane.
We need our lives to be uncontrolled.
But don't believe that we are in the wrong,
When we don't know what we do.

Don't take from us our freedom.
Don't take from us our lives.
Some of us seek solace from the world
On the places you seek to destroy.

Don't take from us our safety.
We know you want to protect us.
But is it right to profit from our dependency?
Is it right to make us hate you?

Make it mean more than nothing.
Make it mean SOMETHING.
The world cannot be censored:
Not if we want to be free.

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