Wednesday, January 15, 2014

~~A Writer's Vow~~

Mankind's key to immortality

Lies in its creativity.

Stars won't shine unless we say—

The sun won't burn the day away.

A word-crafted sword slices across

The throat of a man bearing a cross:

Faith and fate contrast tonight.

The world is filled with dark and light.

Creative soul,

Make those who bear you whole.

Creative soul,

All the things you stole

Will never be returned to us:

Nights made sleepless,

Hearts made broken,

The world has been shooken.

Immortality and revenge, in one hand

Depression and sorrow—creative soul, understand:

You are a curse, an exquisite pain.

Tear us down and build us again.

Construct us, destruct us, end us now.

We'll find a way through it, somehow.

Worry not, love us not—

Make us happy, we'll be forgot.

End the days and take my pain:

I will never be creative again.

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