Monday, January 13, 2014

~~As Stuck as You Are~~

So you're trying this hard?
You're working like this?
You never had
To give me my bliss.

I thought I could wait
Until you came for me
But as it turns out
I can't take you ignoring me.

So you're fighting for me.
So you're fighting for us.
I'm watching and waiting
And wishing I could trust

That you won't turn from me.
That this won't be the end.
I don't want to lose you—
You're still my best friend.

If this is a game
Then why can't I just play?
I can't think of hurting you.
That wouldn't be okay.

So I'm as stuck as you are.
Drowned in the terms of my own beliefs.
Wrenching the knives of my truth
Out of their leather sheathes.

If this is not real,
Then why do we fight?
If this a lie,
Why don't we tell the truth tonight?

How can I trust
You aren't lying to me?
How can I put faith in you
To be good to me?

If I was smart
I'd run away.
If I was smart
We wouldn't have lasted a day!

But I'm as stuck as you are.
So very much in love.
I'll run with you, I suppose
Until the cry of the mourning dove.

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