Monday, January 13, 2014

~~Never Doubt~~

Blind faith.
Blindness and joy.
Please smile, please move--
Hold on to me and laugh.
Let's blow this city up, apart, together.
More or less than me.

Don't doubt the lies I tell are true.
Don't doubt the laughs I fake are real.
Don't doubt the tears I cry are honestly meant--
What else is there to forget?

I'm happy, I'm not, I'm broken in two.
I'm a laugh made halfway between heaven and hell.
I'm nothing, and I'm more--
What else do you need me to say?
I'll prove it to you one day.

Never doubt that I am real.
Never doubt that I am true.
Never doubt I'll be yours, only yours, only one for me--
I've never said any different.

My actions contrast from my meanings.
My words draw contrast from my thoughts.
Ignore it, ignore it--
It means nothing.
Nothing but everything.

Not true, not real, better and less.
Smile and show me the regret.
Undo it, please.
Undo it now.
Move on, move back, close your eyes.

Never doubt I'm real.

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