Friday, October 18, 2013

~~You Know What Happened, Right?~~

You know what happened, right?

You know I got the guy?

You know I finally won.

You know I ended up finding someone

Truly, truly amazing.

You know I said something

To someone bad

That might get me in trouble.

You know I love Ian,

Despite all the distance.

You know I've changed my life;

Blocked all those who might hurt me.

You know I regret

Some of the people I left.

You know I still love

This darling little blog.

You know I fell in love

With those I should not.

You know I broke the hearts

Of those who said

They loved me.

You know I came close

To losing a very good friend

To death.

You know Emil survived

Despite all odds.

You know that I met a guy

At the Dare to Stand Out conference

And spoke with him for hours on end.

You know I came very close to kissing him.

You know my life is strange.

You know I'm stressed.

You know I'm scared.

You know I'm okay.

I'm okay.

I swear—I'm okay!

Trust me.

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