Thursday, October 24, 2013

~~Okay, That's Fine~~

Figure out a way to cope
Look at yourself.
Figure out a way to breathe
Look at the world.

A part of you can hurt,
Another part of you can fail.
But just believe in yourself
And find another way to breathe.

Breathe with me
Drink with me

Trust me, it's fine.
Just trust me, it's okay.
I'm not half dead just yet,
But I'll get close one day.

You want to end yourself?
Okay, that's fine.
You want to end the world?
Okay, that's fine.

Just tell me when you're going.
Just tell me when the sun
Burns. Just tell me when
And it will be okay.

All of us can hurt.
All of us can fail.
But can all of us
Find another way to cope?

Or will we drown
In the middle of nowhere?
Or will we drown
On our doorstep?

Will we lose it all
In the night
Or in
The day?

The sun can grow
And the sun can shine.
The moon can change
And the tides can swirl.

The winds can cry
And the bats can scream,
As long as you know
You're okay.

You want to get away
From it all?
Then find a way
To cope.

I understand
If you want to die;
But please
Find a way to cope.

Don't turn away from me
Without warning.
Don't burn the world
Without trying to save it.

Don't end it all
Without letting
It begin. Please...
Find a way to cope with me.

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