Tuesday, October 22, 2013

~~For Better~~

I'm not willing
To surrender anymore.
I'm not willing
To give anything away.
I'm not willing
To make my life
Change for the worse--
It's time I got the better.
I don't care
If I can't have one
Without the other;
I don't care
If I should be strong enough
To take this.
I want the better now.
I want the better now....
But the rational part of me,
The loving part of me,
The noble part of me,
Tells me I need to stay.
I need to stay and trust
It will....It will get better.
I know it could take years,
But I've gotta believe.
But I'm willing to wait.
I hope I am, at least....
I want the better,

But can I take the worse, too?
Can I take the worse,

Or will I run
To the easy?
I don't want to run to the easy.
I want the better,
But I want the better
With the one I know I love.
I don't want to take the chances
On another
When everything I am....
When everything I am
Just wants
To keep
Trying for the better
While fighting through the worse.

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