Wednesday, September 11, 2013

~~Still Works~~

I know it sucks
I know it hurts
But, hey, it still works
The world is dark
It still hurts
But my mind is fine
I'm still sane,
I'm still going strong.
I know it hurts.
I know it hurts....
I promise it's going to hurt.
But it works...
It always works.
Just stay strong,
Smile and breathe.
Make it work....
Fake it till it works....
Make it good....
Come on, just make it good.
It'll work.
I promise it'll work,
Even though I know it will hurt.
Make it through
Stay true to you.
Cling to the dreams
That race through your mind....
I know they'll fade
But for now
Just make them work.
Don't question your methods
Don't ask why.
That's just asking to die.
Move on and make it go.
Move on and let it go.
Just make it work.
Please, just make it work.
Will be okay
If you just
Make it work.
Smile and fake it
Smile and move on...
Smile and take it
Smile and make it work.
Broken one
Maybe you
Will make it work....
Just believe
That faking it
Still works.

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