Monday, September 9, 2013

~~I am Alive: Catching Up Post~~

Hello again, dearest ones!

I know, it has been a long time, was it not?

Dearest ones, I apologize.

First, I will make a quick list...

1. I went on a four-week trip at the start of summer. Paris, France. Bacharach, Germany. Brussels, Belgium. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2. The trip went incredibly well.

3. Summer was relaxing. Minecraft was a lot of fun. Oh, if you want to get your Facebook filled with my Minecraft world, add TheMansion PlaysMinecraft.

4. I'm back at school now. It seems to be going pretty well, actually. I like all my courses, even though it will be a bit difficult.

5. Joseph is still head over heels for me, and is dreaming about me.

6. The Mansion is working on leaving everyone for now.

7. I am tired.

That's a very brief overview. More might be covered later on.

For now, I'm in history class.

Love you.

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