Sunday, December 23, 2012

~~In All Honesty~~

I woke up today
Thinking I'd be okay
Maybe today would be good for once?
But now I just feel like a dunce
Anger again, and coffee addiction
Pain in my legs, a common affliction
Yet another bad day
Can't I just be okay?
Frustration boils like a kettle
And again I show my anger's mettle
I can't handle this today
And I don't even want to play
I don't want to touch Minecraft, which is so good
My home, when nothing else for me is good
So I guess I'm here again
Struggling to write when
All I can do is struggle not to cry
If only I knew why
Why it's becoming a struggle to eat
And I ache at every heartbeat
Why my temper flares at the slightest notion
Of condemnation
Why I can't sleep without fear
Of something evil being here
If only I could understand
What the gods have planned
But instead I can only pray
That I can recover one day
Regain the innocence I lost
So long ago; and at any cost
I will pay to get back the joy
Of living life, like a child with a toy
I hope to god one day I will
Be able to regain my former will
To live and breathe, own a book store
When all I can think is "Nevermore."
Nevermore can I take this pain
Nevermore can I undergo this suffering
I can't take this right now
And I just don't know how
I'm going to ever be okay
Even if I lived forever and a day.

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