Monday, December 16, 2013

~~Slip It Through~~

It doesn't need to hurt.
It doesn't need to bleed.
Hold on tight and let
Me bring you to your knees.
Love me tonight.
Love me tomorrow.
Slip it through the hole
And stitch me together....
I'll bleed for you.
I'll scream for you.
Bring me to my knees--
I'll die for you.
Slip it through the hole,
And pull it tight.
Stitch me together
In any shape you'd like.
Make me your darkened dreamer.
I'll be your ragdoll lover.
Slip it through the hole.
Slip it through the slivers.
Slip it through the scars.
Slip it through the tears.
I'll be your ragdoll lover--
Emotionless and unable to fight.
I'll be your ragdoll lover--
Just pull the string tight.
Pull on my leash.
Strap on my collar.
Pull the rope through the hole
And make it burn.
I'll be your ragdoll lover--
Just bring me to my knees.
Just bring me to my knees....

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