Thursday, August 1, 2013

~~Not Yours~~

You don't own me.
You don't want me.
Pretend as much
As your ego can stand--
I won't be yours.
I'll play into your ego.
I'll make you smile.
I'll play into your delusions.
I'll make you forget:
I don't give a damn about you.
If you knew me,
Like you said you did,
You would expect this behaviour from me.

You would expect

To push you away.
Hell, you'd be glad
When I pushed you away.
You don't want to deal
With someone who just might
Do what's smart for once....
But intelligence isn't listed
As one of my strong points.
And so you'll assume I'll stay.
And so you'll assume I'll smile....
Smile when you take yourself away.
Smile when you realize you were a fool.
Smile when you realize--
I never cared at all.
Master, Master
Back away.
Master, Master,
I'm not yours.
Turn away and accept it.
No matter how
Strong you are.
No matter how
Narcissistic you are.
You won't get near me.
I belong to another--
So accept it
And move on.
I'm not yours.
I'm his.

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  1. You haven't let your blog die off, have you young one? That'd be a shame.


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